ServicesDanielle Garone


ServicesDanielle Garone

I have the pleasure of working with some amazing women, Mothers, entrepreneurs, CEO's, and I'm overjoyed to be able to instill more self confidence in them and make looking great a lot easier. Recently one of my clients wrote this about me and my services and it made me burst with happiness.

Ever feel like you have nothing to wear? Buy clothes because you LOVE them only to find out they just don't work for you? Being in the fashion industry I thought "Why would I need a stylist?" Well, turns out hiring Leslie Christen was the best decision I ever made and here's why:

1. I don't make unplanned purchases which means my husband doesn't have any "surprises"
2. All purchases are thought out and planned which means I never have buyers remorse!
3. I don't buy something unless I 100% can't live without out, again no buyers remorse here!
4. I buy less pieces of higher quality resulting in a more cohesive wardrobe.
5. All the pieces I have can function together as a unit instead of everything working against each other.
6. I feel like a million bucks!
Sound too good to be true? Well it's not! 

By the way this particular client owns the most fabulous designer consignment site, which features a plethora of CHANEL pieces from vintage to current...Take a look here at Designer Vault

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