On Display

How many times has this happened? In a rush to get dressed, you reach into your jewelry box to find a pair of earrings, only to come up with a tangled clump of chains, charms, and trinkets that you simply don’t have time to sort through! Guilty as charged? Don’t worry, there’s a solution—or several, in fact!

Why hide your best baubles in a box when you can put them on display? Placing your jewelry on display not only reminds you of what you have, but also can make a decorative statement in your dressing area.    

 Vintage bowls, ashtrays, lucite boxes and even small art in beautiful frames make the best display cases, I got all these vessels at Macalistaire Vintage in Laguna Beach.  The jewelry is both vintage, again from Macalistaire's, and current pieces from Bardot Boutique in Newport Beach. 

Photo Credit to Love//ALA, included in a feature article for OC family Magazine. Stylist: Me