Let’s face it wedding season is upon us! So, as a Fashion Stylist, it’s no surprise that I get asked about proper wedding attire etiquette every year around this time. As we all start receiving our Invitations and Save the Dates in the mail, we instantly think of two things. First, ‘Who’s going to be there?’, and second, ‘What am I going to wear?’.   But don’t fret; this year will be a cinch by following a few simple rules.

Daytime Wedding – It could be on the beach, in a backyard garden or city hall. The main thing you want to remember about this kind of wedding is that the sun will be out (hopefully, for the Bride’s sake) and it could be hot. This is not the time to wear black, instead wear something flowy and colorful, long or short. And since most daytime weddings have grass or sand in the equation; I suggest you wear flats or wedges.

Evening Wedding – This is the time to break out your best cocktail dress and statement shoes. There will probably be a lot of dancing so be prepared for your feet to hurt the next day. The idea here is to stay short and flirty but not too sexy or long and elegant. Remember this is not your day, so you shouldn't stand out too much.

Black Tie Optional Wedding – This is a fun wedding to dress up for, but most confusing when you get the invite. Black Tie Optional means semi-formal. For men a tuxedo or dinner jacket may be worn, but it is not required. Proper dressy attire, like a suit, is necessary. As for the ladies, a short or long dress is appropriate, which leaves your options wide open, just don’t go casual!

Formal Wedding – Think red carpet kind of glamour when dressing for a formal wedding. The dress must be long and fabulous and your accessories should look like they broke the bank. The Bride and Groom didn't skimp on any details for their big day, and neither should you.

One final note…when deciding on what to wear, remember the proper attire is not only crucial but it shows good etiquette.