FashionDanielle Garone


FashionDanielle Garone

The other day at a photo shoot I was so surprised to find out that no one knew about a long standing "trying on clothes" trick I have been using since I was young and definitely use with all my fittings and editorials. I mean it seems pretty self-explanatory and quite useful after all. 

So, tell me have you ever draped a scarf over your face and head like a beekeeper's mask so that no makeup would transfer on the blouse or dress you were slipping on?

Here's what it looks like below, chic right? Well no ones going to see you and you'll be thankful not to ruin another top you own as you're trying to make a mad dash out the door, and you can stop hiding the makeup you just got on the beautiful dress at your favorite boutique, trust me, they'll all love you more for it!

Keep one in your bag while shopping, or I love one tied around your handbag like the one below, double chic!